More about our kids wagons.

Super strong and stylish. Pure perfection. This is the only foldable wooden wagon in the world, where every detail has been carefully considered. Dutch design at its finest. Practical and beautiful. Comfortable for anyone who sits in it or pulls it, thanks to its ingenious suspension system and easy-to-hold hook. The wheels are equipped with double ball bearings and air tires for ultimate comfort. Whether you're going through the woods, over cobblestones in the city, or taking a walk on the beach, it's effortless.

This wagon is truly impressive in every way. As easy as it is to pull, it's also easy to fold. In 3 seconds, you can fold the Jipfish wagon. And if you want it even more compact, you can easily remove the air tires as well. Super compact and ready to take with you in almost any trunk.


Hooked on design

Finally, a wagon that you want to be seen with. The conscious choice of sustainable materials such as beech wood and steel not only determine the look and feel of the Jipfish Kids Wagon, but also ensure that it lasts for at least 25 years.

The ergonomic and distinctive hook is equipped with a spring that keeps it upright on its own and prevents it from falling to the ground when released. The handle is wrapped in comfortable foam for a good grip.


Finest Features

During the design process, priority was of course given to safety. The Jipfish Kids Wagon is equipped with a parking brake that is easy to operate with your foot. In addition, there is space for two seat belts to ensure that children actually remain seated during the ride.

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