FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

About the Jipfish Wagon

How can I keep the Jipfish Wagon run smoothly?

Check our maintenance guide & tips here.

Will the Jipfish Wagon fit in my car?

Yes! It will even fit in very small cars. In an instant you fold it into a flat package and take the wheels off.

How do I store the wagon?

The wagon is easy to store because it is foldable. It can be hung on the wall with a storage system wich is only 20 cm deep.

What is the maximum weight the wagon can carry?

The wagon can carry up to 80 kilos.

Is it hard to pull the wagon?

No! Even if the wagon is full, you can easily pull it behind you. The high quality tires will easily drive over different terrains.

I am a tall person, is the drawbar long enough?

The drawbar is easy to pull directly behind for people up to 190cm (6"2), for taller persons it is possible to pull the cart alongside them. This is also a preferred way of using the wagon for many other people.

What do I do if my tire loses air pressure?

Like a bicycle tire it may lose air pressure over time. You can inflate them with a bicycle pump or at any gas station.

How many kids can fit in the wagon?

You can carry at least 2 children aged between 1 to 6 comfortably in the wagon. You can also fit a baby in a maxi cosi carrier as well.

What if I have a question about the wagon?

If you have a question you can e-mail to hello@jipfish.com

Service & Warranty

There is something wrong with my purchase, what can I do?

Contact us via hello@jipfish.com possibly with photos.

How long is the warranty on my purchase?

We are a brand that is committed to the quality of our products. There is a 2 year warranty on the purchase of wagons.