Maintenance Guide

With these maintenance tips you can ensure that your Jipfish Kids Wagon keeps running smoothly and you optimize the life of your Wagon

Daily maintenance

Make sure your Jipfish Kids Wagon is as dry as possible.
Rained out?  Remove the damp with a cloth over the frame and dry the inside of the wagon.  Clean your Jipfish Kids Wagon after a ride on sandy, dirty or snowy roads, or after contact with seawater.

Tire check
With well-inflated tires, the Jipfish Kids Wagon runs smoothly and the wheels last a long time. For the tire pressure we recommend 1.5 to 2 maximum Bar. Not harder because then there is the risk that the rim is damaged.
The tires of the Jipfish Kids Wagon can be additionally loaded by heavy loading (max 80 kilos). With well-inflated tires you prevent damage to your rims. In addition, an inflated tire is also much lighter to pull the wagon. As soon as you notice that it is pulling heavier, it is time to inflate your tires.  You can do this by hand with a bike pump.

The frame is sturdy and can take a beating. The steel has been treated against corrosion. Lubricate moving parts with WD40 with some regularity.  Do not clean with a high pressure washer.

To clean
Remove the wheels regularly and wipe off dirt or sand. Use a brush and water to wipe dirt from the wheels. Do not immerse the wheel bearings in water.
• Use a soft brush to wipe sand and dirt off the frame. Wipe the sand and dirt away from rotating or sliding parts.
• Clean the frame with a soft cloth and lukewarm water and wipe dry with a dry cloth.
• Use a sponge, warm water and liquid soap to gently scrape dirt off the drawbar foam.
• Store your Jipfish Kids Wagon and its accessories in a dry place.