Form & Function

Form & Function

We have designed the Kids Wagon with great care and attention to details.  We believe that a product that is well made is used for a long period of time and can be passed on for others to enjoy.  We take great pride in offering spare parts to make sure our Wagons keep going no matter how many times they trade owners, that is our commitment to a more sustainable world.  

One of the biggest issues for any kind of push cart or wagon is: “where am i going to put the thing when i’m not using it?”.  This exact question led us to our innovative concept of beautifully crafted wooden panels that fold easily into an unexpectedly sleek package.

It is not form over function, but rather a perfect synergy between the two.  When folded, the Kids Wagon fits in the hallway, under a bed, on a wall, and of course in the trunk of your car.  One of the accessories we offer are the Wall Hooks, who make hanging the Wagon a breeze.

Very small children, can be secured by purchasing optional safety belts (up to two per wagon).  These make sure that they can not stand up, but stay comfortably safe inside the wagon while you go on adventures.

The Jipfish Kids Wagon is made from beautifully bent birchwood panels, that fit perfectly on a sturdy, steel welded frame.  A very important safety feature is the foot brake, it can be easily locked and unlocked so that it is never an inconvenience to keep the wagon stationary.  When stationary, you can unlock one of the side panels and make the wagon into a handy bench!

Whether you take the Kids Wagon to the beach, forest, park or even the supermarket, you will find that it can fit more than you would imagine.  This can streamline any outing, no longer having to worry about minding your children and carrying the things you need. All of these can now be kept close, simply by pulling a handle.

The wagon handle is engineered to return to the upward position, you will never have to bend and reach down, it is always within reach!  Thanks to the air tires, the ergonomic handle, and the high quality frame, this wagon is truly a smooth ride, making any turn or bump nothing to sweat about, regardless of the terrain.

It is also rated up to 80 kg of cargo, whether it is children or groceries, it is built to handle the job.  This is all thanks to the high quality steel frame, and it means that children can ride it from when they can sit independently to age 6+.  This well-built wagon, will prove itself indispensable for many many years.

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